In case you missed it, it emerged last month that a cameo of Mariah Carey had been cut out of new comedy The House as a result of her diva behaviour.

It’s not the first time the pop singer has been synonymous with diva behaviour – who can forget the stunt she pulled last New Year’s Eve – and Ferrell, who is currently promoting The House as its lead, revealed that she was cut on Seth Meyers.

Last weekend, Ferrell appeared on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen and dished even more dirt.

“It became quite a kerfuffle. Aka a shitstorm,” he said, and revealed just how she made everyone working on the production’s life as difficult as possible - "One script note was 'I don't want to do this scene.' Even though it was totally approved at the time."

She also wanted “Stuffed lambs, for her…fans [who are referred to as Lambilys].”