Conor McGregor is more famously known for batin' the heads off lads in a cage, but who would have guessed that he was also a demon for a bit of Origami.

In this cool new video by Heineken, McGregor, Republic of Telly's Jennifer Maguire and Irish Rugby legend Shane Byrne get together to show to us their 'hidden talents'.

This is all part of a new campaign focused on discovering the hidden talents of you and I. If you're a singer, you may forget about it, this is no ordinary talent competition. Heineken are out for the obscure feckers, the legends, the origami makers like Mr. McGregor and the master limbo dancers among us. That kind of lark. So if you can sleep with your eyes open, or balance 20 maltesers on your nose then head over to and upload your hidden talent now. It's that easy.

Conor McGregor; he'll make you jump, he'll make you run, he'll make you weep for fun, but he'll also make you a tiny swan made out of a bit of paper, if you ask him nicely.