Just in case J.J. decides he doesn't fancy it, here's what Tarantino's version would look like.

The role of director has already been cast for the next few Star Wars movies (that will hopefully be better than the last efforts), but if something happens that were to see J.J. Abrams leave the project, then there are plenty waiting in the wings to take on the project. 

We're not too sure if Quentin Tarantino is one of them, but this video from YouTube user Bobby Burns imagines just that, adding some rockabilly music over the top, as well as throwing in a few casting suggestions that just so happen to be some of Tarantino's favourites.

The dialogue might need a little bit of a reworking if Quentin took it over, and who knows, maybe a bad ass wise-cracking Jar-Jar might have saved the prequels? Nah...

Via Shortlist