Because skydiving isn't dangerous enough, now you can fight while you plummet from the clouds. 

The last time we went sky diving, we felt that something was missing. After watching this video, we've realised that it was, of course, someone punching us in the face and trying to kill us. 

It would seem we weren't alone in thinking that however, as UFC's Urijah Faber was also of the same opinion and decided to get involved in the new sport of Full Contact Skydiving. Now given that he's a pretty big name in the company, we're assuming his contract would rule him out of actually taking part, but he's certainly involved in the coaching, judging by the video. 

We still haven't decided if this is for real (it just seems so ludicrous) but the fact that rules do seem to exist and these guys are taking it seriously enough suggest otherwise. Said "rules" are as follows: 

-The flight starts at 15,000 feet.
-Participants have to pull their parachutes at 4,000 feet.
-Participants may NOT interfere with other participants trying to pull their parachutes.
-You can’t strangle other participants with their parachute cords. 
-No more fighting once you hit the ground.

If rule number four needed to be said, then someone tried it and was given a telling off for attempted murder. Still, it can't be real...can it?

Via FoxSports and BroBible