Who among us hasn't thought of eating 12 tubs on Ben & Jerry's in a row? Don't lie.

The problem, which actually saves our bodies from our unrelenting desire for ice-cream, is that we can't get through more than one pot in a day. Well that's not a problem for Matt Stonie.

You know the guy who keeps popping up with incredible feats of eating, like when he scoffed The Rock's Hercules daily meal plan in one sitting,  well he's back. This time Stonie attempted to take on 12 pints of Ben & Jerry's without much care for the 13,400 calories, 780g of fat, 1,400g of cards, and 1,180g of sugar that he'd be ingesting.

Look, don't act like you're not impressed. Appalled? Sure. Concerned? Probably, but definitely impressed.