While this video infomercial inviting you to see if your partner is being unfaithful to you in your own bed seems like a piss take, we're being assured that it's real

This smart mattress, or Smarttress, currently retails stateside at $1,750 and has a real thing against Spaniards. It works by sending an alert to your phone when suspicious activity starts occurring on your bed. How does it calculate suspicious activity? It gives you the speed, the "intensity and impact per minute", and a display of the "pressure points" - so essentially you can get real technical about the better sex your other half is having on the sly. 

'Smarttress' makers Durmet are offering you the chance to "rest easy 24 hours a day" - assuming yourself and your partner don't share a dog who likes to get down on his masters' bed while you're away.

Now, if only they could make a couch equivalent, because that's where any cheating spouse will be getting frisky instead.