Wade Robson today appeared on American television to speak openly about his childhood sexual abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson, explaining how he defended Jackson in his 2005 trial and how he never 'forgot' the abuse but was 'psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse' and referred to Jackson as a 'troubled man' and a 'pedophile'.

Robson appeared on the Today show accusing Jackson of sexually abusing him for 7 years, during which he said Michael engaged in a campaign of manipulation to keep him silent, especially during the  2005 child molestation trial, stating that Michael "performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him" from the age of 7 until Robson was 14.

Robson also quashes claims that he's only doing this now because he wants to capitalise on the AEG Live lawsuit currently being undertaken by the Jackson family, saying that he will never be silent or be susceptible to a pay off because he only wants to share his 'truth'.

Watch the entire interview below.