As we all know by now, Vladimir Putin is the ultimate man's man, a real macho man and if anyone says differently then feast your eyes on him crushing other human males in sporting activities. 

Of course, as we all now know, Putin is excellent at ice hockey, because it's a manly thing to do, especially if you manage to score 8 goals in one game like he did over the weekend. 

Putin's team had an overwhelming victory by a scoreline of 18-6, with the man himself falling just short of a majestic triple hat-trick, and everyone was definitely trying their absolute hardest. 

The game took place in Sochi, at a state of the art facility that was designed for the winter Olympics held there in 2014, and marked the 70th anniversary of a Soviet victory in World War II. Putin managed to perform better than many of the other players out there on the ice, including legendary former pros like Pavel Bure. He just wanted it more, we suppose. 

He played in a similar game last year, also held in Sochi, scoring a pathetic six goals, so this time he needed to up his game and prove that he's in the prime of his ice-hockey playing career at the age of 62. Look at this blistering pace, that flowing silky skill on the stick, how could anyone young or old have stopped this powerhouse of a man when he's in that type of form? Unplayable...

Via Mashable