In recent months, life has certainly changed a small bit for Manchester United surperfan Andy Tate.  

His rants about David Moyes last season made him somewhat of a YouTube sensation, and thanks to the fact that he had some great soundbites, he also became a bit of a Vine star as well, with people editing him in to anything from other viral videos to hit songs to famous movie scenes. Here's one of our favourites, given the time of year and all. 

It all became a bit much when Tate was photographed by fans in his workplace, and he asked people to leave him alone, many of whom obliged, but some of the trolls wouldn't let it go. However, a few weeks ago, he came back and did another interview with the YouTube page Full Time Devils where he first gained notoriety, and was beginning to enjoy his newfound celebrity. 

As a viral sensation, he's currently making the most of his 15 minutes of fame, which has included him starring in a new Christmas advert for BT Sport to advertise the Stephens' Day game that they'll be showing featuring his beloved Manchester United. 

The internet is a strange, strange place