The Supreme Court in America makes some hugely important decisions on contentious and life changing issues that affect every citizen of the country, and sometimes have far-reaching implications even beyond their own borders. 

However, there is a ban on there being any cameras in the court when they're having their discussions, so the American people don't get to see what the process is like on topics as important as marriage equality. Why? Because they feel it would not be representative of what they do, and they would pull pieces of the debate out of its larger context.

You can get audio recordings of the proceedings, but as John Oliver points out, putting together a TV package based around that is enough to bore you to tears. That is, until the folks at Last Week Tonight decided that we could all learn a valuable lesson from keyboard cat. 

So, with plenty of time on their hands, they decided to put together a panel of dogs that represent each of the Supreme Court judges, a couple of canine lawyers and a few of other animals to help to liven things up, and we now admit that we really, really want to sit down and watch a whole load of Supreme Court coverage. The results are truly laugh out loud hilarious.

We will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign in the coming days that will help us to raise enough money to do a similar project with recordings from Dail Éireann featuring all sorts of livestock. You are encouraged to donate geneorously for the good of the nation.