When Usain Bolt visualised his victory at the 200m World Athletics Championships, he probably didn't foresee his celebrations being cut short like this.

Bolt cruised to victory in his 200m final in much more comfortable style than his nail-biting finish to see off Justin Gatlin in the 100m sprint. He even had time to slow down at the end, like we're used to seeing with the fastest man on the planet.

While that was impressive, and a great way to round off his individual performances at the championships, his celebrations could have gone a little better. Only seconds after completing the race, just moments into his victory lap, one of the cameramen drove his Segway(no, we didn't know they used segways) into Bolt after losing control of the vehicle.

Thankfully he walked it off, albeit with a slight limp, and seemed to have a smile on his face, which only confirms him as our favourite sports star.