They're out there, maaaaaan.

We're not sure as to what and who 'they' are, but the sheer volume of UFO videos we're seeing can only mean one thing, aliens are coming. Well, I suppose it could mean another thing, people are getting better at faking footage, but that's nowhere near as much fun.

This recent video, posted by Mysterious Universe, appears to have caught something that resembles a man in a spacesuit hovering over Sequoia Park, East LA. 

It's pretty strange, and the fact that it was caught on three cameras leads us to believe that it was definitely there, but we've no idea what it could be, although we're fairly confident it's not a cloud.

According to Mysterious Universe, there's a theory called 'Project Blue Beam', which consists of NASA creating a new religion which will be fronted by the Antichrist, leading to a New World Order. Seems implausible to us, mainly because the Antichrist probably wouldn't look like a hologram of a spaceman from the 70's.

Anyway, have a look and judge for yourself.

Via Mysterious Universe