You really have to marvel at the stupidity of some randomer who's willing to get into the ring with a trained MMA fighter.

It's like saying you'll try out bullfighting or, well, fighting in MMA with absolutely zero training. It's never, ever going to end well. And sure enough, we have another example. The Janoskians, who we think are some kind of YouTube boyband / comedy group thing, decided it'd be a good idea to get in the ring with UFC's Meisha Tate.

Tate was just recently in line to take on Ronda Rousey in a title contention match, but for whatever reason, she was snubbed. We're guessing Tate was working some of her anger out of the system about being snubbed and decided to beat the crap out of four Aussie lads.

It's all very satisfying, to be honest. Take a look.

Grappling's fine, but imagine they were punching or kicking? Holy shit, they'd be actually destroyed.

Now THAT we'd love to see.


Via YouTube