In case you missed the absolute nightmare that was the marine iguana versus the racer snakes of the Galapagos on 'Planet Earth 2' on Sunday night, the internet is here to show you what you missed out on.

And the internet being the internet, people have since had their merry way with the scene and remixed it with various pieces of music that they feel either add to or make fun of the perilous plight of the poor marine iguana.

For instance, here's the Benny Hill theme running behind it.

And here, the Indiana Jones theme music.

Or some of the soundtrack from 'Mad Max: Fury Road', which just made it even more terrifying.

And keeping in the same horrifying vein, here's the 'Aliens' version of the scene.

Or Pokémon, because why not?

Our favourite though is this Fleetwood Mac/Formula 1 version, if only because it's an excuse to listen to the guitar solo from 'The Chain'. But also because it very much works.