A Cambodian TV show was forced to issue a letter of apology for playing an incredibly cruel prank on a young contestant earlier this month. 

Autumn Allen is a young singer who emigrated to the United States at the age of six with her father, and has not seen her mother since. When she appeared on the show Penh Chet Ort (Like it or Not) in Cambodia, the presenters prepared her for an incredible emotional moment in which she would finally meet her again, on a special Mother's Day episode of the show that aired on May 10th. 

However, the person that came out from behind the curtain during the reveal was in fact a comedian in drag, which was not well received by users on social media after the show. 

Many complained that the show and the producers were incredibly irresponsible for playing with the girl's emotions in such a way, while others also posted that the cross-dressing angle to the prank was a "sickening joke" that was offensive to those in the LGBT community which was all too common on Cambodian TV.

Allen herself seemed to deal well with the situation at the time, but the reaction and bad press has caused the TV show to issue a letter of apology to Allen, which she posted on her Facebook page. She also met with the hosts and the producers, who personally said sorry for their roles in the stunt, and Allen said she accepted their apologies.

Pic via Autumn Allen/Facebook

Via i100