Throwing axes around the place is pretty much always a bad idea, but in particular if you've not got the most accurate arm in the world. 

That was the case for Fox and Friends host Pete Hegseth, who was taking part in a segment recently where he needed to whip an axe at a target a few feet away. However, in the background just behind the target was West Point’s legendary Hellcats marching band, who were playing throughout the show. 

Hegseth's attempt to hit the bullseye went woefully wrong, missing by a distance and then flying off into the background, hitting one of the percussionists standing behind the target. 

While the footage that aired on TV didn't show the axe hitting anyone, you can see the drummer walking around holding his arm and in distress, given that he was just hit by a damn axe. In a video captured from another angle however, you can see the axe come flying out of nowhere and hit him in the arm.

Thankfully, Jeff Prosperie, the man who was hit by the axe was ok, as he posted on Facebook afterwards to update everyone as to his condition. He stated that the axe hit broadside on his elbow, but did leave him with cuts and bruises as it fell down his arm. He added that he and his band mates were told "there would be no axe throwing. I think the anchor person went rogue and decided to throw it. He had only thrown it once before in practice for an upcoming segment and they told him to throw it with more force".

The lesson here is to just not throw axes at people, which we thought we didn't have to say. 

Via Mediaite