Is it better than yours? Damn right it's better than yours...

It was inevitable really that someone would eventually come along with enough money to throw at Kelis in exchange for her famous 'Milkshake' recipe and it looks like that person was international mega-corporation and "world's largest producer of spirits", Diageo.

Now Kelis is no stranger to the kitchen, with both a cookbook titled 'My Life on a Plate: Recipes From Around The World' and an entire album dedicated to and titled 'Food', so this bit of brand crossover works for everyone if a bit hollow for the rest of us.

Nevertheless, we now know what goes into the milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard and the key ingredient? Baileys. Delicious, creamy, always in your nan's cupboard Baileys. There's plenty of other extravagant things in there including ginger beer, chocolate ice cream and candied ginger, but it's the Baileys that does all the work.

Can't say we're complaining. She didn't even charge us.

Via Refinery29