Oh, what's that sound? Just the boulder-sized chip on Ben Affleck's shoulder over 'Sad Ben Affleck' becoming a thing rolling around.

It's been almost a year since 'Batman V Superman' came along and ignited fires on the internet between critics and fans but that's not the thing Ben Affleck remembers. Oh no, he's still raging about the internet turning him into a sad meme.

Other insightful nuggets into Ben Affleck's psyche revealed in BBC Radio 1's short interview with the 'Live By Night' director and star include the fact that he has a full-size replica Batman suit hanging around his home, presumably to remind everyone that he was in fact Batman (a fact we can't forget quick enough), and that he has a Batarang. Whether or not he can throw it is a different matter.

Come on now Ben, just embrace your meme status like Keanu did and all will be well.