We're moving to Florida and taking up scuba diving.

In hindsight, that's probably a bad opening line, seeing as it's a plausible thing for anyone to do, because it sounds amazing. But the real reason for it is we want to get filthy, stinking rich.

For the second time this summer, here's the first, a team of treasure hunters have gone deep down in the Florida coast and came back with some serious loot. 

Queen Jewels, a Florida based company, discovered $1 million in gold coins on the 31st of July, and while that seemed like a bid deal then, they've blown in out of the water(pun intended) with their latest discovery, $4.5 million worth of gold, which came from a Spanish fleet of ships that sunk back in 1715.

Surprisingly, both hauls actually came from the same site, which make us question why other people haven't gone back since the end of July. Pure laziness. Shockingly enough, the coins were found only six feet deep in the water, meaning beach-goers have been swimming around the millions for years.

The state of Florida is entitled to 20% of the coins, which they will display in a Tallahassee museum, but judging by the reactions of the crew and the fact they'll still pull in over $3 million, I doubt they'll care to much.


Via Mashable