To be fair, it would have scared the sh*t out of some adults too.

This display from a house in Ohio has been taken down after local residents complained that it was "too realistic" and was scaring children.

The house, which is near an elementary school, received complaints over the 'graphic display which showed bloody people hanging upside down and a child with a knife through their throat'.

"I felt scared 'cause I thought they were real people," explained a 9-year-old girl to Cleveland 19 News, who also reported that the locals tried to get city officials to force the home owners to take down the display but officials said that they couldn't because of 'freedom of expression'.

After all the attention the display garnered, it seems the home owners changed their minds. Maybe they were freaking themselves out too much at night (and we wouldn't blame them).


Halloween horror! One display near a local elementary school is drawing some controversy. Some say it's too gruesome for younger eyes. DO YOU THINK? Halloween hijinks or just too much?

Posted by Cleveland 19 News on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Via Cleveland 19