The dreams of Marvel fans have been coming true as they’ve gotten surprise visits from the actors who’ve brought their favourite Marvel characters to life.

You may have already seen clips from the below, which sees Tom Hiddleston surprise cosplayers dressed as Loki, but watching the whole thing in full is guaranteed to put a smile on your face:


Elsewhere, Hiddleston’s Avengers: Infinity War co-stars Vin Diesel, who plays good guy Groot, and Josh Brolin, who plays bad guy Thanos (he’s also playing the villainous Cable in Deadpool 2), also surprised fans by visiting the winners of a competition to win Infinity War goodies.

We must say, we especially love the winner of the Infinity Gauntlet since, as you’ll see below, he’s clearly a massive Marvel fan!



Avengers: Infinity War hits cinemas next Thursday on April 26th.