Tom and Tay have been spotted around the globe together (such as in Britain, pictured above) and have been heavily rumoured to be romantically involved for a number of weeks now. The pair are currently enjoying a trip in Australia where Tom is filming Thor 3.

Tom recently got badgered outside the Broadbeach hotel by local news reporter Lauren Daly.

When asked ‘how’s Taylor enjoying the beautiful Gold coast’, Tom laughed nervously and said ‘I’m not gonna answer that, if that’s alright.’


The Channel Ten reporter also asked ‘Is Taylor the one?’ to which Tom answered ‘I'd rather just talk about my work if that's alright.’

He then appears to be running away from the interviewer, although it’s worth bearing in mind that he was mid-jog when the interview took place…

While we feel bad for Tom being pestered about his personal life, we wish he’d just tell us the truth already!

Plus we can’t help but still be a tad suspicious that the whole thing is a set-up. I mean, really, who in their right mind would wear an ‘I *heart* TS’ shirt..?