Between crashing wedding photo shoots, being the best presidential debate moderator, and recreating Woody having a conversation with fellow Pixar character Dory, Tom Hanks has proven time and again how effortlessly cool he is. He is also always generous to his die-hard fans.

While currently promoting his new film Inferno, a lot of people have been reminiscing about an earlier flick of the actor’s, Big. Stephen Colbert even did a sketch with Hanks in which he played Zoltar, the magical machine that makes Tom’s character 30.

As well as of course that piano in the toy shop scene, another scene everyone enjoys is when Billy is only able to recognise his friend (who has been transformed from a teenager into an adult) when he performs their secret (and very cool) rap for him.

Hanks hooked up with YouTube stars Wong Fu Productions, who flew to Florence, Italy, to meet the actor and Inferno director Ron Howard, where they asked Tom if he remembered the Big verses.

Check it out:

It’s worth watching from the start too, because they are such adorably big fans of the actor.