A certain Buzz O'Neill will be pleased... Although the line "of course I still fancy girls, but right now I'm dating a guy" will come as a bit of a bummer. Then again, he has got all those calendars to sell.

But I digress. Below is a video of Tom Daley announcing he's dating a guy. It takes him 5:26 minutes to say this, but it's still 5:26 minutes of Tom Daley talking about Tom Daley, so his fans will be happy.

Some choice YouTube comments thus far include: "I hate how people make big deals about peoples sexuality!"; "Good for you, Tom! Your decision to make this video is going to inspire many adolescents to be comfortable with themselves. Thank you"; "Why did it take 5.26 minutes to tell us you're gay. It's 2013, get a grip"; "Dude, it changes nothing other than yo make you more of a man for braving this. I love that it's not a front page exclusive on HEAT or something. I applaud you and thank you for being an amazing role model to millions"; "Tom Honey... we knew" and our current favourite:  "Tom Daley has proper tacky pillows."