Presumably that's what happened anyway...They drive on the left, Tom, ON THE LEFT.

As usual, the people commenting under this clip on YouTube had a wide and varied opinion on the subject, from "What a stupid video. Now I have to deal with a news feed of assholes posting about this. It wasn't close, no one nearly died or got hit... If this was anyone else no one would give a crap. I do not give a crap. Fix the title and stop trying to get click bait", to the rather more entertaining: "Us scientologists believe being hit by a double decker is a secret pathway to the mother ship. Cruise failed his mission..." Unfortunately that comment then descends into being violated with sex toys under the influence of wine so we'll leave it there.

For those interested, Cruise is currently in London shooting scenes for Mission: Impossible 5. He's also finding the time to "crush on" his young female aide. Her name is Emily and she's 22. A source told Us Weekly: 'He's always flirting with her. Most people on the film have noticed how into her he is... He's already asked Emily to go out to dinner with him, on a date, when they're done shooting." He best mind himself crossing the road so.

The source added that they've "Never seen him crush on anyone so hard." Said source obviously never saw him repeatedly crush Oprah's couch when declaring his love for Katie Holmes.


Via Daily Mail