Elin is not only incredibly tough, she's also pretty darn smart. 

A few years back, Tiger Woods found himself in the middle of a controversy the likes of which he'd never seen before when an incident involving golf clubs, a fire hydrant and his driveway made waves internationally, and it ended up in his marriage from Elin Nordegren coming to an end. 

She's been out of the media spotlight more or less since, and it turns out that she's been studying psychology at Rollins University...and she's no slouch. Having had plenty to deal with apart from mastering the language and raising two kids, she also had a GPA of 3.96. That's pretty darn good, and led to her being selected as the Outstanding Graduating Senior for the year, and that meant she got to make a speech at the graduation ceremony. 

Funnily enough, she chose to have a few gags (around the 5:20 mark) about how much her life has changed since she first started back in 2005, joking that she joined as a newly-married 25-year-old with no kids, but that she was now "no longer married...".

She went on to joke (around the 8:38 mark) about taking a course in 'Communications and the Media' that could have come in handy if she'd paid more attention too.