Avery Harriman is just seven-years-old, but he has been battling cancer for much of his young life, meaning he spends a lot of time in hospital.

While there is still a very long road ahead of him, the doctors and his family were able to give him a small bit of good news this week when they informed him that he was going to be able to head home after spending 23 days undergoing intense chemotherapy. This was his reaction. 

It's not all good news however as he will have to head back in a week for a bone marrow biospy, possibly a bone marrow transplant, and then even after all that the chemotherapy would begin again.   

Avery's dad is the Nebraska Huskers assistant basketball coach Chris Harriman, and said in an interview with CBS Sports that they were so thankful for the little things, but the future still had a lot of unknowns for Avery: "the best-case scenario is he has to go through another transplant, and we know he might not get through it. So even the best-case scenario is scary as shit."

He also revealed that Andrew Cussen, a complete stranger from California, was the man who donated the bone marrow, which is a pretty great thing to do. You can keep up with Avery's progress on Chris' Twitter or by following the #AveryStrong hashtag.

Via BuzzFeed