If Beyoncé ever wants to call in sick and needs a standby, this is the girl she should call.

Jade Novah is a singer and actress who is mega talented in her own right but has amassed quite a following thanks to her ability to mimic the one and only Beyoncé to such an extent that if this video was played on the radio we'd 100% believe that Yoncé was shilling McDonald's and the like.

It's not the first time Novah has visited Mrs. Carter for inspiration, having had an initial moment of fame a few years ago when she invented the character 'Keyonce Bowles', who she described as 'the untalented Siamese twin of Beyonce', and used her very impressive impersonation and singing skills to do her best Yonc-isms.

We're not sure how much Beyoncé herself would approve but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?