Finally, someone has come up with a way to stop everyone fighting over getting the window seat... remove the windows.

Let's face it, the inside of a plane isn't the most visually attractive place, and the battle for the window seat is the inevitable panicked moment that every parent fears dealing with as they shuffle their kids on board every summer. 

Well, a new concept from Technicon Design has come up with a way of ending that debate for good, and that's by simply removing all the windows from the plane entirely. Instead of pressing your face up against a small oval window, their plane would have displays on the inside giving passengers a panoramic view of what's going on around them, with footage from cameras positioned on the exterior of the plane. 

Of course, given that it's a display, they could also show pretty much whatever they want, so you could be watching yourself "travel" to the moon, through the Grand Canyon, or maybe even hook it up to watch the football. 

IXION Windowless Jet Concept from Technicon Design - France on Vimeo.

The displays would be powered by solar panels, again located on the outside of the craft, which would be a pretty smart way to do it, while removing the windows would also lighten the plane somewhat too, as well as reducing the cost of materials needed for construction. 

Gareth Davies, design director for the project, said that the purpose of putting together the design was to "challenge current thinking, and propose something a little different, but not just a fantasy. It has to be credible and relevant, yet provoke discussion". 

Via Mashable