Girlfriend is coming to the end of a one woman promotional tour, so a story such as this was inevitable.

The actress - who stars opposite Leslie Mann and Kate Upton in The Other Woman, in case you've not been on the internet or turned on the TV in the last month - previously admitted she finds women "beautiful" and has now confessed she has enjoyed relations of a sexual nature with a female in the past. 

Talking on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live during the 'Plead the Fifth' segment with Andy Cohen, who asked if she'd ever 'swam in the lady pond', she admitted: "Yes, I have been with a lady, yeah." And to think Jimmy Fallon wasted his time by getting her to play Roller Golf...

So, yeah, that's all the details we have regarding Cameron's time with a lady... Understandably you're feeling a little short changed, so - in a bid to make up for it - here's my fleeting tryst with a lady (c'mon, who hasn't). It was about 7 years ago. She was a drummer in a band, and she was wildly attractive... that is until she put the lunge in and two seconds later went STRAIGHT for the ladies. Like, immediately. I couldn't get away quick enough. The term 'slowly, slowly catchy, monkey' obviously meant nothing.