A small waterfall along the route of the Rover Bonet near Manorhamilton in Leitrim has become a bit of a viral success on YouTube.

Footage of the soothing, calm river was uploaded to the video sharing site by visual artist Johnnie Lawson, and has since become a must-watch for those people who are having difficulty getting to sleep, all 8 hours of it.

Speaking to UTV Ireland, Lawson said "I go out into the landscape and this is one of the landscapes I come out to and I record the kind of place where you would just like to sit by yourself and just absorb the atmosphere of nature, both the sound and the vision, and just take that within you. It de-stresses people in so many ways".

He also added that it's not just being used by people in their homes, but also by a number of doctors and London hospitals to help alleviate the stress of those patients who are in for longer stays or extended treatments, which has helped its popularity.

Via UTV Ireland