Further proof that animals are just the best- as if we didn’t already know.

Doing the rounds on Facebook this week is a video of a golden retriever named Storm saving a baby deer from drowning in PJ Harbor.

The dog’s owner, Mark Feeley, posted the video on Facebook and told US news outlet WCBS-TV: “Storm just plunged into the water, started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed her by the neck, and started swimming to shore.

“And then he started nudging it, and started pulling it to make sure she was gonna be OK I guess.”


Experts were called and in the meantime, the fawn ran back into the water out of fright. There was a second rescue round this time by Freeley and Frank Floridia of Strong Island Rescue, after which the deer was brought to an animal rescue centre.

She has been recovering since and Mark released this video to show her progress: