One of the worst things about being a cyclist is that you face the possibility of having your pride and joy (and main form of transport) stolen at any time. 

Of course, a good lock and using some common sense will help, but they can only get you so far. At some stage, probably every cyclist has had their bike stolen, ridden off into the distance by a nefarious reprobate, never to be seen again.

Well, thanks to a group of students in Chile, it looks like the days of worrying about that may well be over, as Juan José Monsalve, Andrés Roi, and Cristóbal Cabello have come up with this 'unstealable' bike prototype that might well become the future of cycling as we know it. 

Using the frame of the bike and the saddle post as the lock, there is no way that a thief can get their hands on this bike without destroying it, therefore defeating the purpose of stealing it, whether they want to sell it for a quick buck or like the look of it for themselves. 

At the moment the Yerka Project, as it's known, is just that; a project. While the wheels are still there to be taken by some people who simply want to steal something so that they can ruin your day, they may well find a way to make them unstealable too for their next prototype, and hopefully someone decides to fund this venture, as it seems pretty ingenious to us.

Via CNet