What do you do when there's a world-famous pop star standing right beside you, playing the biggest gig of his career and with millions upon millions of people watching worldwide?

If you're this awkward teenager - aka #SelfieKid - you take out your phone and fumble with it until the correct opportunity presents itself to ask for a selfie.

The Super Bowl halftime show may have provided a talking point with Justin Timberlake's dodgy outfits and duet with Prince, but as he ended his 13-minute slot in the crowd, everyone couldn't help but notice the teenager - who just didn't quite know where to look.

Was he trying to get the camera open? Sending a WhatsApp or a Snapchat? Googling something urgent? Or, indeed, just waiting for that golden selfie moment?. We may never know.

Until then, there's the memes. Many memes.


Spoiler alert: his name is Ryan McKenna and yes, he finally got his selfie: