The Simpsons may not be anywhere near as relevant as it once was but it's fair to assume that even the thirteen year olds of today know who Bart Simpson is. 

Though they may not know that ten year old Bart, is actually voiced by the 59 year old Nancy Cartwright. At least this one kid clearly did not anyways. 

A thirteen year old school kid named James was doing some fundraising and Cartwright was inquiring about the cause while also subtly (about as subtle as a brick through a window) brought The Simpsons into the conversation. 

Cartwright then started speaking in the Bart voice, to which the teen replied: "That's a really good impression."

Eventually the penny dropped for the teen who was apparently thrilled to meet Bart in real life. Though we suspect he was even more thrilled that Cartwright bought the last box he needed to sell in order to get that limo ride. 

The stunt/prank seems to have been a launch pad for Cartwright's new production company, Spotted Cow

Via Entertainment Weekly