None of us are strangers are to the scandalous fares that can accompany rail travel these days but how far would you go to save a few quid? 

Well one British teenager was willing to go the extra mile to save some money on his journey home from work. Jordon Cox has made his name for himself as the deals and coupon blogger at When looking to get home to Essex from Sheffield, he noticed that it would be £8 cheaper for him to fly home via Berlin rather than to get a direct train from Sheffield to Essex. Madness right?

Or is it? The trip would include a seven hour layover in Berlin so he'd get to go sightseeing in one of the coolest cities in Europe while he was at it. Not a bad perk. 

The trip wasn't without its drawbacks (the leg room on a Ryanair flight being particularly bothersome) but overall he got to enjoy a fantastic cultural experience that he wouldn't have if he'd gotten the train. Check it out. 

So maybe it's worth looking around for other deals the next time your rail fare seems a bit saucy? You never know where you might get to end up visiting. 

Via Metro