There's nothing quite like getting unexpected good news, is there?

Bruno Hortelano, a Spanish athlete competing in the Men's 200 Metre Sprint at the European Championships in Amsterdam, found out mid-interview that he had actually won the race he just competed, not came second.

Hortelano was facing off against Churandy Martina, but was disqualified for a line violation. The Spaniard wasn't made aware of this and was, naturally enough, under the impression he'd taken Silver in the finals - not Gold.

So, in he goes to be interviewed post-run and he's none the wiser.

Take a look.

Some say he's actually still running.

What a brilliant moment, made all the more funny by the fact that the interviewer wasn't a native Spanish speaker and Hortelano thinking she'd messed up. The interview itself has gone viral, of course, and has amassed over one million views in less than a day.

Easy to see why, of course. It's a brilliant little moment.


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