This just confirms what we already believed about the sea: it's a great big world of "nope".

And while we all know 'Jaws' is fictional, seeing things like this just reaffirm our belief that the ocean is one big puddle of death.

While all the passengers aboard this fishing boat were suitably shaken after a great white shark made an appearance on their fishing trip in Cape Cod, it didn't seem to shake Captain Hap Farrell, who spoke to a local paper about the incident.

"It’s not unusual for sharks to do that, especially great whites," Farrell told the Boston Herald. "I videotape just about every trip I take. I used a camera made by Canon that is almost broadcast quality. That’s why I had the camera out.

"I didn’t know it was going to happen, it just happened — the people thought it was neat."

Neat is not the word we would use.

Via Mashable