Next time you're asked to play an important role in your friend's wedding, this is the level that you need to reach.

A wedding in Texas was the scene of a show-stealing performance from a ring-bearer who came down the aisle in a pair of Superman underwear, on roller skates to present the rings to the happy couple. 

The story goes that the ceremony got to that vital part where rings are exchanged, and the husband-to-be reached around in his pockets before declaring that he didn't have them on him. Enter Quis, who goes by the name DQ4Eqis on Instagram, to the applause of all in attendance. 

The whole thing was captured on film, for a lasting memory (not that you could ever forget it, mind) by Steve Conway Photography, and something tells us that the main picture above will be the abiding image of this particular wedding ceremony. Here's another angle on the extraordinary moment.

Despite having her thunder well and truly stolen, the bride looks like she enjoyed the stunt anyway. That or the divorce papers are on the way already and she's putting up a good front...

Main pic via Steve Conway Photography/Facebook