As any connoisseur of Russian dashcams will tell you, you can expect to see any number of things.

It could be some incredible stunts, some kind of an explosion or car-crash, or even some insanely reckless driving. What you do not expect to see, however, is a Yeti. Yes, a Yeti. The video, which was captured in Bashkortostan, shows what could potentially be a sighting some kind of man-beast or man-ape.

Or it could be just a guy in a brown suit running across a snowy road. Who knows.

Here's the video in question...

...and here's a snapshot of the creature in question. Now, you're probably thinking why they'd have the camera running at that EXACT moment. The answer is simple, folks. Russia.


Let's zoom in.


Computer, ENHANCE.


Well, that explains it so.


Via YouTube