You thought it was just humans that had messy, complicated relationships and love triangles, didn't you?

This video from National Geographic demonstrates that it isn't just humans who ruin families - it's penguins, too. It's worth pointing out right now that this video gets more than a little bloody.

We're not talking cutesy-but-sorta-disturbing like Watership Down. No, this is The Walking Dead bad. It gets rough. Let's do a step-by-step of how it all plays out, before showing you the actual video.

"Christ, what a commute. This new roster is terrible. But at least I'm home now. Karen? Kaareeennn?"


"He's home! Quick! Hide!" --"No way, baby. It's time we confronted him with our love. You said you wanted a divorce."


"K-K-Karen? KAREN WHO IS THIS? WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?" Guy in the background's the neighbour peaking through blinds, obviously.


Really, this whole thing plays out like a recreation of a Jeremy Kyle episode about cheating wives and husbands, or if you're of a certain vintage, Jerry Springer. All we need is a penguin Steve Wilkos trying to separate the two male penguins and a rogue nipple flashing out somewhere.

What times. Anyway, be warned that the video's a little bloody in places.


Via NatGeo