"The dynasty is not over, do you hear me Cowturd?"

Phyllis from Mulga was not a fan of the coverage on ESPN after her beloved Alabama (the number one ranked team in the nation) lost to Ole Miss on the weekend. There were two very happy fans at that game, but Phyllis wasn't one bit happy, in fact she was outraged. 

She'd heard enough of ESPN's Colin Cowherd having a go at her team, and it was time to call in and basically scream down the phone at him. Unfortunately she was a bit late, and Cowherd (lovingly referred to by Phyllis as 'Cowturd') was off air, so Paul Finebaum got the full impact of her ire. Phyllis don't care though, Phyllis don't care she's not even talking to Cowherd at all, she just wanted to scream about Alabama. Poor Paul.


Via SB Nation