The most impressive part of any basketball game, the moment that will get people up off their seats and cheering, is a gravity-defying slam dunk. 

Logically, that would make a dunk contest a pretty exciting thing to watch, what with the players doing all sorts of crazy tricks and such. That's what a lot of people were expecting when they tuned in to the Philippines Basketball Association All-Star event, in which a few players decided to show off their skills. 

The key to winning a slam dunk contest is to do something different to your opponents, which is what Justin Melton was trying when he decided to put on a blindfold and go for one of the most amazing dunks the contest would have been witness to. It din't work out though, as he ended up completely misjudging where he was, not getting anywhere near the basket and jumping nowhere near high enough to even get it in if he had been on target. 

Here's another angle on it, just because...

That was Melton's last attempt in the contest, as he was eliminated after that effort. Still, in the interest of balance, we feel it only fair to highlight that when he can see where he's going, Melton is pretty good.

Via SB Nation