The odd scuffle is no peculiar thing in a football match, in particular lower down the divisions, but we're not sure that we've ever seen one that involved twelve (yes 12) red cards.

That was the sum total of cards that the ref showed after this brawl in the clásico valletano between Deportivo Roca and Cipolletti, which escalated pretty quickly it must be said. 

A well-worked goal by Cipoletti saw them take the lead, but the spark point was a foul committed by one of their players, Federico Fernández, that saw him booked. Afterwards Marcos Lamolla of Deportivo Roca was shown a straight red for what appeared to be retaliation, and somehow Fernández managed to also get himself sent off. As he was leaving the pitch, he decided to run down the other end in search of Lamolla, and things (to parphrase Danny Dyer)  properly kicked off. Naughty.

This was no handbags brawl either, with some serious kicks and punches thrown. There will surely be some sanctions handed out to both teams as a result by the Consejo Federal, but after handing out twelve reds, referee Fernando Espinosa decided that he'd seen enough and abandoned the game, as neither side had enough men left to field a proper team.