Fracking is the process of drilling for natural gas by injecting fluid into the ground to disrupt the shale rocks in the ground below.

It's been a source of controversy both in the US and here, as there's been many studies documenting the severe risk it poses for environmental damage.

Sioux County, Nebraska could soon be the home of a fracking waste disposal facility, which would see over 80,000 barrels of the waste dumped in a well there.

As you'd expect, there's been public hearings on the matter and this one speech, we think, is pretty powerful.

James Osbourne, who lives in Nebraska, works as an engineer and helped to build the pipelines for fracking, stood up and made an interesting speech - with a demonstration to boot.

In the space of three minutes, he speaks very eloquently and articulately about it.

The speech has already been posted on reddit and has become viral in the space of a few short hours.

It's worth a watch. Take a look.


Via reddit / YouTube