Pet-friendly restaurants are becoming more and more popular, however cat cafés - literally cafés that serve cats AND humans - have yet to reach the same level of crossover.

It might be down to the fact that cats are actually snakes with fur hard to wrangle at the best of times and, y'know, not all that prone to going outdoors. Unless it's on their own terms, of course.

This video, by GoPro, shows what it's like one of these experimental cafes and shows what it's like living around a bunch of cats in the same place you eat.

Cats walk on their own poo, y'know. We're dog people. Sorry.

This particular café, Cat Life, is run by the cats themselves - or so they say - and visitors can either bring their own cats or enjoy the company of one of the café's cats that live in said café.

Again, you'd have to see the merit of cats in general to enjoy this. We're dog people so this is just... no. No, sir.


Via YouTube