We like a drink as much as the next man, but we do have a budget to stick to, and this particular bottle falls a bit outside our budget. 

At $22,000 (€17,800) the Rémy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask cognac is a serious drink for the seriously rich, and although you might find it hard to justify spending a year's wage on a bottle of booze, just wait until you see what the bloody box looks like. 

The lucky folks at foodrepublic.com went along for a taste of it, and had a brand ambassador explain exactly why it was so damn expensive to them too: it comes in a Baccarat crystal decanter detailed with 22-carat rose gold, all the ingredients come from Grand Champagne and it is aged for between 40-100 years. Also, it comes in a box from the future. 

Via Digg, Food Republic