This ain't no ordinary rollercoaster, this is a proper gigacoaster, which is even taller than your average thrill ride. 

The latest addition to Carowinds theme park, located on the border between North Carolina and South Carolina, Fury325 is a gigacoaster, the second tallest of all the coasters, marginally behind stratacoasters as we all know. 

At its peak, the coaster reaches 325 feet, and the drop is 81 degrees, with passengers expected to pick up speeds of around 95 mph as they plummet to the ground. No stats are available (as yet) on how fast they expect the contents of your stomach to travel as they evacuate your body through any open orifice. Thankfully, they did a test run of the ride, which is still under construction, and attached some cameras to it so we can get a taste of the action. If you're afraid of heights, look away now. 

The ride opens later this month, in case you want to start planning your next holiday now...