You may not know this, but things being crushed in hydraulic presses are the go-to fad on the Internet at the moment.

The so-called Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube is literally things being crushed by a hydraulic press in a workshop somewhere in Finland. The owner of the hydraulic press and curator of the channel, Lauri Vuohensilta, has crushed just about everything. A hockey puck, a Nokia 3310, a rubber ducky, everything.

However, his most recent crushing has proven to be more than a little explosive - especially considering how mundane the victim is.

A simple English to Finnish dictionary. Take a look.

Now, let's talk physics. Why did the book take so long to crush? And how did it survive? And why did it explode like it did? Well, over 100 tons of pressure was put down on the book and it needed to be relieved somehow.

Hence, the pressure escaped how it did. Paper, as we know, is incredibly strong when compacted together. In fact, numerous tests have shown that a thick book is more than capable of stopping a bullet from a handgun. Ergo, we get a hydraulic press crapping out over a dictionary.



Via YouTube