Yes, really. We checked and everything.

Women will know that most - if not all - advertisements surrounding menstruation and tampons are usually as placid and unrealistic as possible. They're usually filled with exceptionally happy women who bounce around, having an active life and doesn't show the reality of being on your period.

Which, as we know, is being crawled up on a couch watching repeats of Friends or whatever's on Comedy Central with a heat-patch whilst wearing thick socks. The same goes for the actual liquid that's used to demonstrate how the absorption aspect works, opting for beautiful blue liquid instead of the reality. No joke, when we were younger, we actually thought it was all blue stuff that came out of a woman.

How naive we were.

Anyway, that's all changed now. A daring new advertisement by Bodyfit shows that blood will never keep a woman down.

Take a look.

Pretty powerful stuff, we think you'll agree. The song, by the way, is Native Puppy Love by A Tribe Called Red.


Via YouTube